Behind the Lens

My name is Cordula, I'm a photographer based in Berlin. Taking photos is my way of telling stories and I hope the images in this portfolio will spark the same joy for you as I had creating them.

Portrait of Cordula holding her camera


Photography has always been part of my life – both of my parents and my grandfather are avid photographers so cameras and photo books were always around. It wasn't until I moved to New York City though that my enthusiasm really caught fire, too: Of all places, it took one of the most photographed cities in the world to trigger the excitement of venturing out and finding new angles and perspectives of those oh-so-well known sceneries.

When first looking for a way to put my work into context at that time, I started by regularly contributing to online travel magazine Travelettes (e.g. 40 Things to do in New York City in the Summer, Trastevere: The Beating Heart of Rome, and How to Take Good Photos in Bad Weather), before moving on to solely dedicating my free time to photography. 'Free time?' you may wonder. Even though cordugram has grown from a hobby to a small business, my main profession actually is in marketing and communications. Nevertheless, my love for travel and exploration still runs deep and I'm glad to be able to share these visual souvenirs from near and far with you.

I now live and work in Berlin and am proud to see my photography become part of so many homes around the world, be published in a book, appear on magazine covers and even in TV commercials. Freelance assignments have sent me across Europe to document concerts, portray hotels and illustrate city guides.

Unless otherwise stated, the work showcased in this portfolio, on the respective artist pages of print-on-demand websites as well as contributions to third-party websites and social media are fully copyrighted by me (all rights reserved). I ask that you do not use those images in any digital or printed media without permission.

Thank you for respecting the intellectual property rights.